Tuesday, 20 October 2009

NEC Meltdown

Last week was the big Caravan Show at Birmingham's NEC.

Airstream Europe was there, as was Sam & Hazel's Vintage Airstreams.


The world and his wife have decided that Leisure Vehicles are the way forward.

By the end of the show everybody looked knackered and deleriously happy. One of the guys at Airstream was smiling so much that if he had two mouths his head would have fallen off.

Meanwhile Sam and Hazel have a veritable procession of interested parties arranging a visit.

One manufacturer alone generated £12million worth of sales.

This truly is a golden time for the caravan industry and it's great to be part of it!


  1. The two clubs (CC & CCC) are going to have to get their act together to organise more sites. There is a shortage of pitches now. Difficult to get booked in at weekends at this time of year, never mind bank holidays.

    What's going to happen when all these new outfits hit the road.

  2. Fair comment John, but I'm trying to keep this blog as personal and non-political as possible!

    My tactics are to make the Airstream as self-sufficient as possible (second battery, LED lighting, solar panels etc) so I'm not tied to sites with facilities. I hate planning too much in advance myself and this seems like a good solution.

  3. Point taken. Agree, we would rather CL, rally or boondock anyday.

    Only spent 6 weeks so far this year off grid. Circumstances and poor weather to blame.

    Had to use the genny frequently, so reckon we need another 90 watts of solar. Total would then be 200 watts. We could then cope with a lousy summer off grid with that wattage. Third panel being fitted this winter.