Sunday, 2 May 2010

Back on the road again :-)

First of all, an apology. You know that Icelandic volcano? It was my fault. Yup, all mine.

Thanks to the amazing weather we had after Easter, I washed and waxed the Airstream. And then the volcano blew, sending ash to the UK to do its best to dirty my efforts. Oh, and affect a few hundred thousand stranded air travellers.

After a quiet period in Kent, it was time to go further afield, and an important stop in the itinerary was to hook up with fellow Airstreamers Pete and Tracey, who are fulltiming in their 684.

I went over to their trailer about three times a day, and every time they just happened to be cooking... breakfast, brunch, afternoon tea... my timing was impeccable. I was fed for three days.

One evening I returned the favour with a curry at mine. It was lovely to spend a couple of days relaxing and unwinding with good friends.

And now the proper touring season commences. HURRAH!

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