Saturday, 13 March 2010

Itchy tyres

I've been without my Airstream for a while, having agreed to allow it to be shown at the NEC show in February. Any excuse for a valet...

Keeping the trailer as light as possible is a priority for me, and because I move on so much I like to be as unencumbered as possible. As such, my large cupboard in the buffet is normally empty.

Over the summer, my wonderful neighbours, who own a woodland, gave me some wood for the fire pit. Where did I store it? Yup, in the empty cupboard. It made a great log store and kept the wood dry.

Boy oh boy did I get a 'telling off' from the guys at Airstream Europe! ;-) MH was horrified that I had abused my trailer so, and politely suggested that maybe I should use a proper receptacle to hold the wood.

Suitably ashamed, and keen to keep the newly-scrubbed cupboards looking at their best, I bought some of that rubbery liner stuff, and upon getting my trailer back spent a while lining everything before re-packing.

It was so lovely to move back into my trailer. But I'm away working now doing live-in reviews for the magazine, so the Airstream awaits Easter and the beginning of another six months on the road.

I seriously can't wait!

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