Thursday, 2 December 2010

Peterborough, utopia central


Or Peter Bog Horror as sometimes it is unkindly called.

Generally, it isn't up there with Cornwall, Scotland, or the Lake District when it comes to choosing a destination for your summer holidays.

Except, that is, if you are a caravanner.

I've heard it on the grapevine that Ferry Meadows Caravan Club Site in Peterborough is one of the busiest, if not THE busiest, sites on the network. But don't quote me on that.

You only need visit to see why. Set in an extensive country park, you don't need to wander far at all to find everything from a steam railway to windsurfing. It's close to the A1, and being near a city means that everything is to hand from a multiplex cinema to a decent Indian restaurant that will deliver to site.

Top that with the cherry on the cake which is the warden team led by Ken and Lynn and you have Family Caravanning Utopia.

Seriously, I think the council should let the Club have the site rent-free, seeing as how much Tourist Pound emulates from that area.

Any excuse, and I'll stop off there.

To add to the excuses, it was my first opportunity to try the Caravan Club's new wi-fi system, £5 for five hours valid for six months. Blooming marvellous!

And a stunning pink sunset just to top it all off:

Airstream Ferry Meadows

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