Monday, 19 August 2013

Full-Timing - more to think about. And tomorrow, somewhere new.

Finally I am in my beloved Outer Hebrides and starting slowly to unwind. I have needed time and space to think since October last year, and for one reason and another it's been snatched away. Obviously, those times were not the right times to think about future life.

Further to the last post, 'Full timing - are you Tough Enough?' I've watched a brilliant video and read a brilliant blog entry.

First off, the video - Tomorrow Somewhere New

Click on the name above to watch it. I love everything about this film. The style, the content, the participants, the message, the art, the feeling of it... and the lovely starring couple have the most amazing teeth!

Of course, there is more to living on the road than portrayed in this film. They don't show the loo emptying, setting up in the rain and snow, or the man sitting at his computer for hours and hours making a living. But dreams are good.

I realise while I'm here in the Hebrides that I need to unplug from the internet a bit. A couple of entries on Facebook made me realise this. A caravan page that I deliberately don't follow asked the question 'Airstreams - love 'em or hate 'em?' and a friend of mine innocently tagged me in his response, saying that I owned one. So of course, I get to see the diatribe of comments. Ugh. So much narrow-minded judgmentalism. I asked for the tag to be removed but by now I was already wound up.

Here and now in the Lochboisdale Cafe, I checked out one of my favourite blogs on my reading list, Notes from a Nomadic Knitter by my friend and fellow Airstreamer Tracy. 

Tracy had written a brilliant post that hit the nail on the head as far as I was concerned... Just because we like Airstreams, we still have other stuff to do. Sometimes it is lovely when you meet a like-minded nomad, be they in a £100k A-Class motorhome or a £50 tent. That 'connection' is a joy to behold, but sadly it's the exception rather than the rule. The rule is that you'll meet people who will tell you what they think even if you have not invited their opinion. Often, there is a complete insensitivity to the fact that you are busy setting up or breaking down, or you simply want to get your head down. It's not being antisocial, it's being tired and maybe hungry.

Anyway, one of the upsides of an Airstream is that you're noticed for good reasons too. The lovely folks in the Outer Hebrides know that the Man With The Silver Carvavan is back and already I'm getting smiles and waves from familiar people.

A few more days to decompress and unplug from the internet a wee bit, then I'll keep you posted about this trip.

I feel an all-new Caravanner's Guide to the Outer Hebrides coming on too.

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