Saturday, 23 June 2012

Dougal's Dog Blog

While at Alderstead at the end of February I popped down to East Grinstead to see the lovely people at the Caravan Club. While chatting we discussed the Club's new online social network, 'Club Together'. Later on, I introduced a few people to Dougal the dog who had been waiting patiently in the car.

A lightbulb popped up in the room. A fantastic idea spread around the room like a lightning strike. What about Dougal's Dog Blog, writing about the dog facilities at the sites that we visit? After all, one of the caravanning's principle attractions is the fact that dog owners can easily take the most important member of the family away with them simply and cheaply.

Excited and animated, Dougal's Dog Blog hit the internet that very night. It's proving to be a popular contribution to the Caravan Club's 'Club Together' network.

Three months after his arrival, my dog is becoming better known on the caravanning scene than me. Huh.


  1. Dougal might enjoy reading Rosie's blog. Rosie is also a Jack Russell.


    1. Great to hear about another Airstreaming Jack Russell, albeit on the other side of the Pond! Looking forward to catching up with Rosie's adventures too. Interesting that you encounter the same nonsensical excuses for 'no dogs' policies as well. Over here everyone blames Brussels and the European Law. Although this actually states that dogs aren't allowed where food is being prepared (quite rightly so). It does NOT say that dogs aren't allowed where food is being served. But you try telling a proprietor that... *sigh!*

  2. I'm having trouble adding Dougal's own blog to my reading list. Here's what I did with Rosie. I just added her to my Blogger account (well actually to my Google account). I had to give her an account name and password and then she could write her blog on my StreamingTogether blog. Just a suggestion.

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