Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Time Flies

Where has the time gone?

On Sunday night I drove to Rye and enjoyed an evening with my dear friends M&T, and on the way home I nipped to Camber, where I used to live, and savoured a moonlit walk on the beach just over the dunes from the beautiful, designer Eco-house that used to be mine.

Walking Dougal today I thought about that beautiful house. While I do miss it, I don't miss all the reasons why I sold it and moved into the Airstream full-time.

So when did I move into my Airstream for good? A year ago? Two years ago? Nope. It was THREE years ago. Three!

Where has the time gone?

Well, there have been a few major life-events that were unforeseen. One of these was losing Dad and everything that entailed, from his end of life care, sorting through all his stuff, and then of course helping Mum move out of the big family house and into a smaller place where she could start her new life. Just so you know, she is absolutely fine and loving her new pad.

The other unforeseen life event was embarking on a University Course in Scottish Gaelic. Where'd that come from? Two years ago I started the foundation course out of interest, and here we are two years on almost half way through an intensive CertHE course that might be the footings for my first ever degree. The amount of work is a bit crazy right now, with assessments on top of the normal course work.

So much for only working two days a week in 'The Day Job'.

What gets to me, though, is that I open the garage doors at my Mum's new pad, and filling up a substantial corner of it is all my STUFF. Still! Stuff that, for the past three years, I have been meaning to sort out. I've had a bit of a sort through, and when it came to stuff like my snowboarding kit that has gone unused for three years, I looked at how much it was worth on eBay (less than the cost of ONE week's hire) and promptly put it back in Mum's garage 'just in case'. Well, I don't *HAVE* to empty the garage.

This winter, with no dramas scheduled and fortunately none occurring, I thought I would at last have the spare time to get 'everything' sorted. I even took my Winter Hebrides break before Christmas to give me a clear run after the new year arrived. Just like last year, I have parked the Airstream on a 'seasonal' pitch from October to March which means I don't have to pay any time or attention to where I will be staying. It's nice to relax and breathe a bit after a summer of roving around.

However, for one reason or another, that 'spare time' never materialised. The box of CDs still awaits sorting to go to Music Magpie. The photo albums still await scanning. The boxes of books still await sorting.

While on that walk today with Dougal, it also sunk in that in a shade under two week's time I shall be hitching up the Airstream for a three-month study/work/holiday tour of Scotland. I've already got the motorbike ready. I have two free days - count them, TWO - to get everything sorted and packed and ready before leaving, as every other day I will be at work earning those credits in order to take an extended period of leave. Tomorrow I will be packing away my winter coat and getting out my shorts, sandals, and a summer shirt or two to pack in the 'van. Dougal has 48 cans of his favourite German dog food on order to arrive before we leave. My kitesurfing kit is about to be strapped to the car roof. Winter is over and it's time to wake up and get out there again.

Sandals? Shorts? Kitesurfing? What happened to winter? Where did it go? I thought winter went on forever and you could get tons of stuff done?

Where has the time gone?


  1. Dear Andrew,

    You are living my Airstream dream. I have always loved to explore and have been fortunate to work a job where I could save my vacation time to use it in large blocks of time to travel as you do but in the US.

    I read the article on by Matt Grigsby. I had been contemplating life and what else to I want to accomplish? The time spent traveling was most memorable.

    I have been contemplating relocating to a different state to live but there isn’t a specific place that is on top of the list. So I began to think about selling my property and traveling full time to find that new place and the only travel trailer to hold its value and not rattle itself to pieces is an Airstream. The tow vehicle will be a van customized for weekend or day trips and to store the outdoor gear. And the features of the Airstream and tow vehicle have to hold up to a 60 pound Golden Doodle named Yuna.

    The other ironic part of the Anewscafe article is Scotland. I am taking a Landscape Design course and the instructor has lived in Scotland and our course material book’s author was born in Scotland so the content represents the landscapes in the UK.

    So the Airstream Dream seems possible. I have many questions if you would have the time. I also try to keep the technology to the minimum and only have email.

    Have A Blast In All You Do ®



  2. Hi Andrew, I've finally caught up with your last batch of blogs and, as always, want to hitch up my caravan and head north; I do hope the Scottish tourist board are paying you well for your wonderful advertising!
    Have a wonderful time and please keep adding to your inspirational blogs, they brighten up my day and remind me that it's fine not to tow the line of perceived normality.
    PS what is the dog food you order from Germany? My dog is dreadful with food and I could do with something new for him to try.