Thursday, 10 September 2009


Welcome to my all new and shiny blog about my Adventures with my Airstream. I've decided to dedicate a blog to my Airstreaming life and keep my other one personal. It transpires that a lot of people are interested in the lifestyle (and who can blame them?) and this is one way to keep followers up-to-date without having to trawl through a load of irrelevant tosh.

For reasons of security, postings may be a few weeks 'old' before going live, as I will always have moved on before saying where I was. I'm sure that's understandable.

If I get time, I'll go back some day and link to older blog postings about my travels, but for now this will be the default Airstream Adventures channel.

It's a great life. And it's a pleasure to have your company.

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  1. Good Heavens! Does that mean that I can at last leave comments? Evidently so... Happy New Blog!