Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cabin Fever? The darker days of November in a caravan

November 2012... I had a plan.

Previous attempts at living in a caravan had shown that the three months between November and January inclusive can be the hardest if, like me, commitments (like job) count out breaks to the snow or to the winter sun.

Having been in the holiday let business for a little while, I know that many seaside holiday homes sit empty for the six or seven weeks between the half term at the end of October and Christmas. A holiday home sitting empty is not doing its owner any favours, where some income is better than none.

So I scratched around and found a beautiful house, one that I knew, right by the sea. My most important requirement, a log burner or real fire, was met. A super-reasonable price was negotiated and we were all set.

This also made an ideal time, of course, to get the Airstream serviced.

Now, when you are living in your van, it really does you good to go through the pain of emptying it once a year to give it a thoroughly good clean, and to evaluate how necessary each individual item is. Does it really add value to your Airstreaming, or is it just one more thing to lug around and move about?

The business of moving out of the Airstream was a sad one. Unbelievably sad.

Moving into a beautiful designer beach house on a reasonable rent for seven weeks did little to raise my spirits. The furniture, while beautiful, wasn't me. This wasn't MY space, as is the Airstream. As such, I rattled about in there for six weeks not really feeling at home. I even slept in the smaller of the two bedrooms as I was uncomfortable in the ma-hoosive master bedroom. The wood burner, though, was wonderful. I so want a wood burner in my Airstream, but for me right now this is not the most practical of propositions.

The location, right on the beach, was wonderful. Nearby was Dungeness where some wonderful photographic opportunities presented themselves. But I can park my trailer there, right?

Dungeness Beach


A week before my rental was due to terminate, I moved out. I couldn't care less about the final week which was already paid for. I wanted to go back home, to MY home, the space I could call my own.

How utterly wonderful it felt to be back in my trailer and back in my home. I won't be renting a house again for such an extended period, maybe just for short holidays.

The cliche really is true. Home really is where you park it.

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