Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hebrides Round 3, Autumn 2012

Here's another one of those 'Oh heck I am so behind on this blog and I SO want to get up to date that I need to quickly run over what I've done' kind of entries. So here it is.

The 'Big Trip' to the Outer Hebrides in 2012 was in June, and is detailed a little further back in this blog.

Such is the draw of this place I cannot keep away, and managed to find time to 'nip' up there in the middle of September, wedged nicely between Rockhill Rendezvous (the big UKAirstreamers' Gathering in Shropshire) and a Skerryvore concert in Arrochar, just to the West of Tarbet by Loch Lomond.

My favourite island, Harris, was chosen as the 'one-stop shop' for my all-too-brief Hebridean Experience this time, mainly due to the the fact that my favourite cafe in the world, the Skoon Art Cafe in Geocrab, is on that island. It's funny how just one decent Eating Place can influence your decision as to where to go on your holiday... something that the accommodation-focused tourist agencies need to wake up to.

Other than eating cake, soaking up the ambience, and chewing the cud with Skoon's lovely owners Andrew and Emma, the main activities on this trip were to do absolutely nothing, walking Dougal on the beach, discovering new places now that we had the convenience of the motorbike with us, and a spot of photography. Rather than detail everything, here are a few images (worth a few thousand words) instead:

Motorbikin' around Harris

One of Harris's beautiful beaches

Dougal having a great time

Wherever I go, Dougal goes! On the 'Peat Road' 

Homeward bound, Isle of Skye

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